Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuck in the middle with a Jew. (well, he looks like one)

Tonight's menu:

Lo Mein (Beef and chicken because I don't have enough of either one)
--The Lo Mein will consist of Asian mixed veggies tossed with a orange honey marinade and the marinaded meats.--
Whatever ice cream I pick up when I get the noodles for the lo mein.
Woodchuck for him and vodka/cranberry for me.

Tonight's plans:

Try not to accidentally beat up my roommate while trying to teach her to cook Lo Mein. Small kitchen and I typically work alone. (Hers will be minus the meat.)
Eat dinner with Tim.
Watch Heavy Metal with Tim (not my first pick but, oh well, I haven't seen it yet).
Play board and card games and drink with Tim.

You know, if this is the rut I get stuck in for the rest of my life, I couldn't imagine a better rut to be stuck in and with a better person.

I really just like him.

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Amy Lauren Scott said...

You'll have to catch me to beat me up :).