Monday, April 5, 2010

Reasons I know I'm a dork, nerd or geek.

I know what a Batliff is on sight and knew what it was before my Trek loving boyfriend.

I think Noubo Uematsu is more talented that John Williams.

I understand most of the humor on Big Bang Theory.

I got crazy excited when I heard about the Hello Kitty and Lego MMOs.

I think it's kind of hot that my boyfriend can play boss battle music from Final Fantasy on the guitar.

I collect Domo Kuns.

I have a slight obsession with Pocky and Ramume soda because it's tasty and Japanese.

I own a set of used Blue Man Group drumsticks and I'm extremely proud of it.

I get stupid excited every time I hear about a new comic book movie coming out no matter how lame the concept.

I believe that Zack Synder, Joss Whedon and Peter Jackson are the new holy trinity of sci-fi film making. They have usurped the thrones of Lucas, Roddenberry and Scott. Just saying.

I believe Han shot first only because Han can do no wrong in my heart.

I find Ron Perlman attractive, but only as Hellboy.

Masi Oka is the most adorable Asian alive.

I have dedicated the first 6 seasons of Family Guy to memory and can recall entire sections of dialog with only a few key words. This works best when I have my friends Becca and Jon to play off of.

I hate Matt Groening for taking this long to get Futurama back on the air while he has let the Simpsons run into the ground.

I have been told I would be "a good person so have around" in case of the Zombie apocalypse.

I'm 28 and I don't find it embarrassing to wear t-shirts with goofy sayings, logos or cartoon characters on them.

I can hear CRT monitors run, and I like it.

I celebrate May 4th every year as Star Wars day. (May the "fourth" be with you.)

I have an intense urge to build things out of Lego once in a while.

I realized that Mario 3 came out 20 years ago. I was overjoyed.

I own an 1976 original paperback of the Star Wars novelization, and no, you can't touch it.

I sleep with a Mario plush and often in Mario pjs.

There's a part of me that will always want to honeymoon at Disney world.

I have wanted to work for Nintendo since I could hold a controller.

I took this much time to write this list.

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