Thursday, February 25, 2010


If I close my eyes tight enough sometimes
I can still see you stranding in front of me
You're smiling in that sweet goofy way
And at once my heart jumps in my throat.
I choke on my heart, choke back my tears.
As I open my eyes and you're not there.
If I stop and listen to the silence around,
I can still hear you whispering in my ear.
Saying I miss you and all the sweet nothings
I used to hear in the night but no more.
And the phone hasn't rung in days for me
I hope there's not someone else you whisper to.
If I stay still long enough in the night
Sometimes I can feel you warm beside me
Your breath against my neck, soft and steady
I long for those arms around my waist again.
In my dreams you're still there holding me
And the cold of my bed doesn't chill me so.
If I could erase you from my mind and heart
I think I could find some peace within both.
You broke the walls it took years to build
Now I stand unguarded for the very first time.
Before you and all the world exposed, trembling
Ready and willing to be myself for the first time.

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