Thursday, February 18, 2010


Laying along is the part of night I hate most
The pillow I face is cold where you were
My hand reaches to touch your warm cheek,
But you are not here for my fingers to find.
In the night, my toes accidentally slip over
To your side and I awake and withdraw quickly.
I am saddened for in my dreams you slipped,
Between the sheets and your arms around me.
In that dream, I breathed you in and felt you.
You kissed my lips, the hollow of my throat.
My heartbeat quickens and my chest heaves.
Your whispered desires fill my ears and mind.
I receive you willingly and our bodies join.
As the tide of our ecstasy reaches its aching peak,
Out breathing crescendos and we crash together.
As out bodies uncoil and we relax into each other,
My toes find that dreaded empty icy spot again.
I awaken to find you were never really here.
My hand touches your empty spot on the pillow
And tears fill my eyes as the ghost of you fades.

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